Triple Crown TEXAS

                                                                              3 MOTO FORMAT

  Classes available for event:

StayCyc 4 yrs and under, StayCyc 5+ yrs, StayCyc brushless, 51cc 4-6, 51cc 6-7, 51cc 7-8, 51cc 4-8, 50cc Limited Air Cooled, 65cc 7-9, 65cc 10-11, 65cc 7-11 Open, 65 / 85cc Beginner, 85cc 9-11, 85cc 12-15,     85cc 9-15 Open,  85/150cc Beginner 9-15, 85 / 150cc Open,  Supermini 12-15,Girls 9-16, Women 12+, Open Beginner 122cc – up,  Open Amateur 122cc – up, 125cc All Sport, Schoolboy 12-16 Open,  Collegeboy 17-24, 250cc All Sport, 250cc Beginner, 250cc Novice,  250cc Intermediate, 450cc All Sport, 450cc Beginner, 450cc Novice, 450cc Intermediate,  25+ Open, 30+ Amateur, 30+ A/B, 35+ Open, 40+, 40+ C/D, 45+ Open, 50+ Nov, 50+ Intermediate, 50+ Open, 55+ Open, 60+ Masters, Pit Bike ( up to 150cc ),  Big Boy ( 230 lbs-up),  Open Money

Event Times:

Signup will open Saturday May 1st from 1-3pm….Signup opens 630am Sunday morning, practice starts 8am, then races follow.  Races will start on time at 930am.

Awards through 5th place. Overnight camping is available.

StayCyc riders will be racing on the peewee track.



Author: EMX

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