2020 Complete Schedule

February 2020         Underground Mx Park

Feb 8th – EMXv Vet Series     —-  Feb 9th – EMX Championship Series

March 2020         Track to be announced

Mar 7th  – Main Event Championship — March 8th – EMX Championship

April 2020     Cycle Ranch Mx

April 25 – EMXv Vet Series (morning)    /  Main Event Championship (night)

April 26 – EMX Championship

May 2020        Murphys Mx Park

May 30  – Main Event Championship (night) – May 31 -EMX Championship

June 2020      Rio Bravo Mx Park

June 20 – EMXv Vet Series (morning)  — Main Event Championship (night)

June 21 – EMX Championship

July 2020       Underground Mx Park

July 18 – EMXv Vet Series  — July 19 – EMX Championship

August 2020       Track to be announced

Aug 29 – Main Event Championship (night)  –  Aug 30 – EMX Championship

Sept 2020           Cycle Ranch Mx

Sept 19 – EMXv Vet Series (morning)  — Main Event Championship (night)

Sept 20 – EMX Championship

Oct 2020           Murphys Mx Park        ( YEAR END FINALS )

Oct 17 – Main Event Championship (night)  — Oct 18 – EMX Championship

This is the FINALS for both Main Event Championship and EMX Championship Series.

Overall series awards for the Main Event Championship will be given out that night after final round.

Overall series awards for the EMX Championship Series will be given out Sunday after races are over.

2019 EMX Promoted Events

All Riders Welcome

2019 classes available for both series: EMX Championship Series and the Main Event Championship.

51cc 4-6,  51cc 6-7,  51cc 4-8,  51cc 7-8,  50cc 4-8 Air Cooled,  65cc 7-9, 65cc 10-11,  65cc 7-11,  65cc-85cc Beginner,  85cc 9-11,  85cc 12-15,  85cc 9-15,  85/150 Beginner 9-15,  85/150cc,  Supermini,  Girls 9-16,  Women 12+, Women Vet 25+,  Open Beginner 122cc-up,  Open Amateur 122cc-up,  125cc 12-16, Schoolboy 12-16,  Collegeboy 17-24,  250cc Beginner,  250cc Novice, 250cc Intermediate,  450cc Beginner,  450cc Novice,  450cc Intermediate, 25+ Open,  30+ Amateur,  30+ A/B,  35+ Open,  40+,  40+ C/D,  45+ Open, 50+ Novice,  50+ Intermediate,  50+ Open,  55+ Open,  60+ Masters, Open Money Pro

Awards through 5th place in all classes at every event.

Qualifications for OVERALL SERIES AWARDS:

EMX Championship Series you must compete in 6 of the 9 events.  Main Event Championship Series you must compete in 4 of the 7 events.

EMX Championship Series event times:     Sunday Events  Signup opens race day at 7am, practice starts 830am, races start 945-10am.  

Main Event Championship event times:    Saturday Night Events  Signup opens race day at 4pm, practice starts 530pm, races start 630pm.

Pre registration for each event opens on our website 10 days before event date and closes usually 2 days before the event date. YOU CAN SIGN UP AT TRACK ON RACE DAYS….

** The Main Event Championship is unique in that it consists of a 2 moto format that the 1st moto finish determines your gate pick for 2nd moto which is the MAIN EVENT.  First motos are 3 laps and the Main Event (2nd moto) is 6 laps.  The 2nd moto finish determines your overall finish.

$57,600 in Husqvarna factory cash contingencies for HUSQVARNA riders in the EMX Championship Series, more than any other motocross series in Texas… Go to www.Racehusky.com and register your bike to be eligible.

Factory Honda is back on board this year for the EMX Championship Series with rider contingency cash of $23,300.  Honda has also come aboard this year for The Main Event Championship Series with cash contingencies of $66,400…….Thats $89,700 bucks for Honda riders available in Red Rider awards…………….WOW…thank you HONDA !



Final series overall awards presentations for the Main Event Championship Series will be held at Rio Bravo Mx that evening on October 26th at the end of that days final event.

Final series overall awards presentations for the EMX Championship Series will be held Sunday afternoon at Rio Bravo Mx after that days final event.


2019 EMX Championship Series Bonus


As an added bonus for all VET CLASSES , 25+, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+ Masters classes in the 2019 EMX Championship Series …………….

All 1st and 2nd place SERIES OVERALL WINNERS in each Vet class at series end will qualify to get their bikes transported FREE OF CHARGE to the 2019 World Vet Championships at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, California.

You must compete in at least 6 out of the 9 rounds to be eligible for your overall finish to qualify.

Join 6 time World Vet Champion Michael Clement in his 20th year competing in this event and be part of the EMX Texas Team.

A great year approaches everyone………..be ready !