2019 Race Schedule

2019 EMX Championship Series

2019 Main Event Championship

Season consisting of 9 EMX Championship Series rounds and 7 Main Event Championship rounds.

7 DOUBLE HEADER WEEKEND rounds consisting of the Main Event Championship on Saturdays Nights and the EMX Championship Series on Sundays.

2 separate weekends with just the EMX Championship Series where facility has no night track.  WOW what a year ahead…….WOOOOHOOO

You can ride both days or just one, its your choice. Welcome.

        EMX Dates                           Main Event Dates

Mar 3  Murphys Mx Park   rain date                                         Feb 9  Murphys Mx

March 17    Cycle Ranch Mx Park                                           March 16  Cycle Ranch Mx

April 28     T B A                                                                                xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

May 26    Murphys Mx Park                                                     May 25  Murphys Mx Park

June 16     TBD                                                                                 June 15   TBD

July 21     Cycle Ranch Mx Park                                                 July 20  Cycle Ranch Mx

Aug 25     Underground Mx Park                                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sept 29     Murphys Mx Park                                                    Sept 28  Murphys Mx Park

Oct 27     Rio Bravo Mx Park                                                           Oct 26  Rio Bravo Mx



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